Muscle soak bath salts


Let us introduce Koekibar muscle soak.
It is made from Dead sea salt carefully and sustainably harvested from the dead sea using pure solar power to separate the salt from the sea. Dead sea salt is naturally high in magnesium, It is then expertly blended with:
-Himalayan pink salts
-Epsom salts
-Kaolin clay
-Peppermint essential oil
-Lavender essential oil
-Eucalyptus Essential oil

A recent scientific study has shown improved hydration, Reduced inflammation and an overall better skin barrier after soaking in dead sea salts.

With our Koekibar Muscle soak a little goes a long way it really does pack a punch! it comes in a 125g glass jar with a wooden scoop. You only require a couple of scoops added to warm water.
Our muscle soak is a premium product hand made in the UK using the best natural ingredients.
It is vegan friendly, palm free and manufactured using no plastics.
The container and lid are recyclable or reusable for something else.


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