Koekibar Pro Regenerate Lip Butter 15ml


Regenerating lip butter , use twice daily and say hello to happy hydrated lips With soothing calendula extract and skin health boosting sea buckthorn Castor , mango butter and uplifting sweet orange oil combine to keep lips soft and supple with light exfoliation We’ve loaded this lip butter with a vitamin rich mango butter. High in vitamins A,C and E, mango butter helps boost collagen production leaving lips hydrated, plump and elastic. Hand made in the U.K. to an all vegan recipe and packaged in a recyclable glass and aluminium jar. Special features *Tantalisingly fruity scent with sweet orange oil *Sea Buckthorn , scientifically proven to boost skin health, stimulate skin regeneration and reduce inflammation in sun damaged skin. Improves skin elasticity and prevents dryness. *Calendula extract , calming and soothing with antibacterial and anti fungal properties *Coconut oil : highly moisturising *Mango butter : high in vitamins A,C & E, essential for collagen production. High in polyphenol mangiferin which is a powerful antioxidant *Castor Oil : promotes skin healing, perfect for protecting lips from harsh elements Directions for use Apply a small amount directly to the lips using a clean finger For external use only , not to be used around the eyes , mucous membranes or on broken skin. If irritation occurs , discontinue use.



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