Koekibar anti-ageing lip scrub 15ml


With gentle oats, anti-ageing hyaluronic acid and intensely moisturising coconut Anti-ageing lip polish with hyaluronic acid dubbed the “holy grail” of hydrated skin We’ve added gently exfoliating ultra fine oats and intensely moisturising coconut to gently exfoliate your lips. Hand made in the U.K. to an all vegan recipe and packaged in a recyclable glass and aluminium jar. Special features *It’s scented with a hint of mint *Non Greasy finish : leaves skin soft and nourished *Hyaluronic Acid : hydrated skin is happy skin. A powerful humectant which draws moisture into the skin keeping it plump and healthy *Ultra fine oats : a gentle and natural exfoliator for a silky smooth polish *Coconut Oil : intensely moisturising Directions for use Scoop out a small amount with your finger , gently massage into wet skin. For external use only , not to be used around the eyes , mucous membranes or on broken skin. If irritation occurs , discontinue use.



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